List of projects:

Open source contributions

Even if I didn't work a lot on these projects, I think it's still interesting to put them in the list because they are really wonderful.


This project (made by Kevin Klange) is an operating system which is mainly focused on the graphical interface

I did the following tasks:

A2C compiler

This project is an attempt to make a transcompiler (source-to-source compiler) which transforms the Epita's algorithmic language to c code.

In this project, I added an english front-end so that international people at Epita could also use the language.

Here is a little fibo in the french and in the english version:

	algorithme fonction fibo : entier                algorithm function fibo : int
	  parametres locaux                                local parameters
	    entier n                                         int n
	  variables                                        variables
	    entier i, a, b                                   int i, a, b
	  debut                                            begin
	    a <- 0                                           a <- 0
	    b <- 1                                           b <- 1
	    pour i <- 1 jusqu'a n faire                      for i <- 1 to n do
	      b <- a + b                                       b <- a + b
	      a <- b - a                                       a <- b - a
	    fin pour                                         end for
	  retourne a                                       return a
	fin algorithme fonction fibo                     end algorithm function fibo

	variables                                        variables
	  booleen variable_globale                         boolean variable_globale
	debut                                            begin
	  ecrire(fibo(10))                                 write(fibo(10))
	fin                                              end

Operating Systems

Because I love understanding how projects work under the hood, operating systems is one of my favourite tasks.


Python in ring 0 system (or python's runtime operating system) is an attempt to do an operating system focused on python. It's a little deeper than just make cpython work in ring 0, because we really want to design a whole operating system.

Atomos 1.0

Atomos 1.0 is a second version of my own kernel Atomos and is highly inspired of linux 1.0 and the SOS kernel. Futhermore, the goal of this kernel is to make a very classical kernel to be able to do some funnier projects (like pyr0s) over it. The kernel is not really advanced for the moment, but it will get virtual memory, virtual file system, multitasking and maybe modules soon !

The kernel got the current features (for the moment):

/!\ The project is still in development /!\

Eudyptula challenge

Waiting for progression

K: a tiny x86 kernel

K is a LSE tiny kernel project designed for arcade machines. The main goal of this project is to learn about i386 intel architecture.

The kernel got the following features:

Atomos 0.1

This project was my first kernel (so my first try) and didn't have any advanced features, just a lot of easy ones.

System programming

EDB: Easy DeBugger

Vioovi: the elements of computing systems

Various system utilities


Evolutek motorcard emulator

Asservissement telemetry feature

Programming language theory


This project got two goals, learn a bit about haskell and have some fun with the befunge language.



Baccalaureat: musical scale software

High-school intra website