Open-source contributions

  • strace (C): 2016 GSoC, Netlink Parsers ground work (around 15 commits merged).
  • Linux (C): 2 minor patches merged.
  • Pyr0 (C, x86 Assembly): a PoC of a Python language based operating system.
  • K (C, x86 Assembly): a dummy x86 kernel for arcade machine.
  • MikroBoot (C, C++, x86 Assembly): composed of a mikro bios and a mikro bootloader. MikroBoot is a full i386/x86_64 firmware that targets virtual machines and is able to boot systems like Linux.
  • stm32 bootloader (C, ARM Assembly): ARM uart bootloader

System utils projects

  • libVSE (C++): library that implements virtualization by syscall emulation.
  • txtra (C, Bash): this is the project done in my last internship at Thales. I developed a custom BSP for it and studied a strictly real time virtualized architecture to isolate Telecom and Vision applications.
  • BrioSH (C): our own implementation of a bash clone (42sh).
  • HTTPd (C) our own implementation of a HTTPd clone.

Hardware oriented projects

  • Pegase (C++, OpenCL): HDL simulator accelerated by GPGPU (general purpose computing on graphics processing units).
  • VHDL lecture projects (VHDL): UART controller, Servomotor controller and VGA controller.
  • TECS (VHDL, C++, OCaml): implementation of a minimalistic cpu, its own minimalistic operating system and its toolchain.
  • Tiger (C++): a full compiler of the tiger language with MIPS backend.
  • xsmith (C++): a generic code generator (syntaxically).
  • a2c (C): adapt compiler to accept english variant of the french algorithmic academic language.


  • Linux driver backporting: Armadeus APF51 tactile controller driver backporting.
  • VHDL motor watchdogs: implementation of watchdog that stops H bridge IP if necessary.
  • Mocking/hooking of various RPC services
  • Annual participation to the French Robotics Cup