About me

My name is Fabien Siron. I am a student in last year of software engineering at EPITA. I live in Paris, France and I am open to new opportunity in my speciality.

My last year speciality at EPITA is Génie Informatique des Systèmes Temps Réel et Embarqués (GISTRE), in english Embedded and Real time computing. I am also root and manager of the GISTRE laboratory.

I am quite interested in the following topics:

  • Virtualization (and more precisely, embedded virtualization): I have already worked a little in Xen, qemu and xvisor at a developer level (without any real contribution). I have also developed some projects with KVM kernel API like libVSE.
  • Embedded and Real time computing: This is my main speciality and this is the main topic I study at school. I have done my last internship on the subject. I have done various firmwares and I studied various architectures (i386, x86_64, ARM, mips).
  • Model checking and software Formal Proof: I really love those topics but I am a beginner in them. I try to learn a bit when I have some time.
  • Hardware design (RTL): I am also quite interested into hardware design (and digital electronics) but mainly as a hobby. And besides, I have done my PFE (end of studies project) on this topic.

I have also some knowledge in robotics and language theory (and thus, compiler theory).

My main programming languages are:

  • C, that I use daily for almost all of my PoC (proof of concept).
  • C++, that I use for cleaner and more advanced projects.
  • Python, that I use for almost every scripting stuff.
  • VHDL/Verilog, that I use sometimes to do some hardware design stuff.
  • Assembly, that I use too much :D
  • Bash, that I use every day !

I also have some knowledge in Java, Go and OCaml.

I also master the following technologies:

  • Xen
  • Qemu/KVM
  • Linux Kernel/Drivers
  • Embedded ARM
  • OpenMP
  • OpenCL
  • Makefile/CMake/Autotools
  • Git

Here are my two last internships:

  • My last internship was at Thales Communication & Security. I studied the Nvidia Tegra TX-1 and TX-2 platforms and I have participated to a custom BSP for the Tegra TX-1. I also studied a strictly real time virtualized architecture on the Tegra TX-1 where the main goal was to isolate Telecom and Vision applications.
  • I have also done the GSoC 2016 (Google Summer of Code). I worked for the strace projects where I have done the base ground work of the Netlink parsers. I have done this project at the LSE laboratory of my school.

Please check my projects to know more precisely what kind of technology I’m used to.